Kind words from the Public/Businesses

Heartfelt messages of support and kindness continue to pour in from members of the public for all of our hard working staff. Staff discount offers can be found here.

A huge thank you to the children in Primary 5 at Greenbrae Primary for these lovely letters sent to NHS Grampian staff. We are so grateful to everyone for their support at this time.

Thank you letters from Mill O’ Forest Primary School

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to NHS Grampian for the care they gave my grandad who died suddenly this morning. Especially to Gareth in ED and Mhairi in ward 102 who were so incredibly kind and made sure we could say our goodbyes. Thank you
Have received help from the (Psychological Resilience) hub already and wanted to sincerely thank all involved – I was phoned within 24 hours of referral by another NHS professional and spoke for an hour with an incredibly kind psychologist. That was on a Saturday afternoon…for him to have voluntarily phones on his downtime is incredibly kind. His support that afternoon 3 weeks ago has helped me stay sane, to cope, to be able to support my family, etc. And the fact that I’ve had another phone call since, and promised yet another in 2/3 weeks again. Could not thank you all more.
This department (Audiology) is super efficient. I phoned to confess I had lost my hearing aids, receptionist phone back and was so patient and helpful – I had a new set via post in around two days. Thanks again to our wonderful NHS.
Sincere thanks to colleagues-turn-caregivers at NHS Grampian following my recent heart attack. Firstly paramedics and staff at Dr Grays Hospital A&E Department and then the CCU and the Cath Lab staff at ARI. You were all amazing in what was a scary time for me and a difficult time for you all.
All the medical staff at NHS Grampian treated my Dad and Step mum with respect and dignity. Thank you NHS and ARI.
Thank you to all NHS Staff for everything you do.
Keep up the incredible work – we are all behind you.
My husband had major surgery at ARI some years back and this would be a way for us to say thank you for what they did for us then. (Someone offering free accommodation)
Thanks for all your hard work, it’s really appreciated!!!
Thanks again for your hard work. Stay safe.
I know what a great job the NHS is doing. We are offering to do what we can to help. (Local business)
There are many people working to fight and save lives against this virus and NHS workers are one of them. People all over the country appreciate their hard work and wish to encourage them to continue their hard work.
God bless all the work you’re doing already. Thank for your keeping us safe.
Let it be known that you all are an inspiration to us all.
Pass on our appreciation and thanks for all the NHS does on a daily basis to ensure that people are looked after as best possible, you are all nothing short of heroes in our opinion, we applaud you!
My late partner unexpectedly spent time in ARI and Woodend Hospital. Everyone from NHS Grampian who helped and supported us were a credit to their professions. If I can do even the tiniest thing to support them in return. (Someone offering free accommodation to staff)
Thank you for all you and your staff are doing to keep us safe and healthy.
Many thanks and again thanks for everything that you are all doing.
First of all just wanted to express much gratitude for everything that you have always done but even more so in this time. There aren’t really thanks enough to convey it, especially with everything that’s happening right now
You are all amazing, we want to help you! (Someone wishing to donate PPE)
We appreciate the work you are doing at this difficult time. Together we will overcome corona.
Good luck in the coming days and weeks. And thank you to you and your staff.
Thank you and stay safe!
We wish you and your families well – keep safe.
Thank you for everything you are doing.
We want to thank the nurses and doctors on the frontline who are working so hard and whom we appreciate so much.
Stay safe & well.
Keep up the great work you are all doing.
As is the case with most of the population, we really appreciate your efforts and dedication to keep us safe
Thank you for the service your people are providing. Hugely appreciated!
Thanks to you all for doing an amazing job, the work you all do is just so incredible
The staff are doing a brilliant job and my heart goes out to them, they are all Angels.
We all appreciate the excellent work the NHS is doing (and has always done!).
I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team for what you are doing, it will never be forgotten
Our company would all just like to express our gratitude for the work that you all do every day – you are amazing!
You are all doing a tremendous job. Thank you very much!
Thanks for all you’re doing.
I am very thankful for the work you are doing in this current time it is not easy and I pray God keeps you safe.
I am writing to you in sincere gratitude for all of the work the NHS Grampian staff are undertaking during this time of great challenge and uncertainty.
Thank you so much for the great work that you are all doing.
Huge love and thanks to all at this time, you’re all superheroes!
Good luck to all in the NHS and thanks for the fantastic work you all do.
Thank you for all that you are doing for us.
We want to show our absolute appreciation for everything all the NHS staff are doing to keep this country going! (A local business)