Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing Support for Staff

Please note this page is for Staff. Mental Health and Psychological Wellbeing Support for the public can be found here.

If you are worried that you may have contracted COVID-19, you can check your symptoms at NHS Inform COVID-19 information.  There is also some useful self-help resources for COVID-19 and Mental health available on NHS Inform Mental Health Information.  You can also call the NHS24 Helpline on 111 or Breathing Space on 0800 83 85 87.   

There will be lots of us who are having difficulties with housing, employment, money, or the wellbeing of our loved ones and you can contact the Grampian Coronavirus Assistance Hub on 0808 1963384 for a range of support.  This service is available Mon to Fri 9am – 5pm. At any other time you can get lots of advice and support on the website

As a staff member you may understandably experience emotional distress, or feelings of hopelessness. It is also possible that some staff might feel depressed or low, or that it’s all getting too much.  We recognise that other types of dedicated support will be needed in these kind of scenarios so with that in mind there are two routes of support for staff:

COVID-19 Acute Staff

Psychological support is available for all staff who care for, or who are in direct contact with patients with COVID-19 (e.g. emergency department, ICH, infection control, ICU, HDU, COVID wards and the infection unit on any hospital sites). 

For more details or to arrange support email and you will receive a call back. The service is available 8.30 am to 10 pm, 7 days a week. It is confidential.

All NHSG, Orkney, SAS and HSCP Staff (not working in acute ARI COVID-19 care wards)

All other staff working in NHS Grampian or Orkney, Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS staff in Grampian, Shetland, Orkney, Highland and Western Isles), Aberdeen City Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP), Aberdeenshire HSCP, Moray HSCP are welcome to contact the Psychological Resilience Hub regardless of roles. The hub is also open to any staff from any care home, nursing home or any 3rd sector agency. This can be an anxious or difficult time for staff, with changes in how we work or the tasks we are required to do. Staff are also not immune from the broader family and financial pressures that affect everybody.

To find out more about the Grampian Psychological Resilience Hub and complete a Self-Referral Form click on the link below:   

For Staff in the Psychological Resilience Hub Only:

Contact Sheet Submission Secure and Confidential Web Enabled Return
Please click on the following secure web enabled links to return the Contact Sheet to the Psychological Resilience Hub.  This will be automatically saved securely on the NHSG server and the server will generate a submission email to the Hub Email address: