What is the Grampian Psychological Resilience Hub?

The Psychological Resilience Hub is for anyone who has struggled with the impact of Covid-19 on their psychological wellbeing and is for anyone in Grampian or Orkney. It is open 6 days a week Monday – Friday 10am-8pm and Saturdays 10am-5pm. 

The Psychological Resilience Hub is NOT an emergency service. If you or someone you care about is at significant risk of harm to themselves or others then please contact NHS 24 / GP. 

We also do not provide long-term mental health treatment. The service is not a long term therapy service and if you see a mental health professional please contact them in the first instance.  If you wish to use this service please keep in mind the service is for the following types of issues:

  • You do not have to have had COVID yourself, as the impact of the pandemic has impacted on all of us in lots of different ways.
  • The Hub is there to provide a short course of psychological first aid (between 1-3 sessions) to help manage feelings that have become difficult during COVID 19 and provide sign-posting to useful information and advice on where to access longer-term support if needed.
  • You may have had difficulties that were previously manageable, or have never had concerns about your mental well-being, but with the pressures of COVID, you may find yourself experiencing difficulties coping.

Please also note:

  • We will try and contact you quickly as we are able. If you are really distressed or feeling at risk please contact your GP or NHS 24
  • It is important to remember that you can help us by providing as many options as possible when we can reach you.
  • It is also important to know that when we call the number will be withheld.

Our role is to help you if you are experiencing distress. We can offer some tips and techniques that can help and offer guidance and support by phone or virtual appointment. So if you, or a member of your family, is understandably struggling right now due to the changes COVID-19 has brought to your life please contact us for support and advice. We can offer a few appointments to help you through this difficult time so you feel more able to cope.

It is important that we get you timely access to the support you need.  You can complete a Self-Referral Form by clicking the following link below: