Support and Guidance for Young people

Young Scot

It’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed and scared by everything you’re hearing about coronavirus disease (COVID-19) right now. Find out more about what’s happening and the simple steps you can take to help prevent catching COVID-19 and spreading to others by visiting the Young Scot Website.

Supporting Children and Young People during COVID-19

During the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic we don’t want any of our children, young people or their families to feel abandoned. You can find information about supporting children and young people here.

Keep CAMHS and Carry On – Podcast

CAMHS Grampian is a NHS mental health service for under 18’s, based in Grampian, Scotland.

This podcast series is a psychoeducation ‘top tips’ collection, recorded by our very own staff, to make managing stress in tough times just that little bit easier.

If you’re under 18 in Grampian and want to improve your mental health this podcast could be for you!