Physical Activity Advice

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Staying physically active and getting fresh air during this time is essential for health and wellbeing, both for physical and mental health. 

Whether you are able go out once a day, or are self-isolating, there are ways to keep active during this time. 

For those self-isolating and well, normal activities will be difficult for the time being, but there are many ways in which you can still stay active in your home:

NHS Inform: Physical Activity

NHS Inform – Physical Activity

Physical Activity for Children and Young People (5 – 18)

Normal activity levels may be difficult just now, but there are many ways to keep children active at home, why don’t you try:

Watch online exercise classes

For hints and tips on healthy parenting during this time

Physical Activity for Adults

If you are well, and not self-isolating, one form of exercise such as running, walking or cycling should be done alone or only with people you live at home with, following the guidance on social distancing.

If you are self-isolating in the home, you can try:

Physical Activity for Older Adults

Do not leave your home, there are plenty exercises you can do at home, such as:

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